• Christine Allan

Stop washing paint brushes in the sink.

If you are an artist or just repainting and decorating - PLEASE DO NOT WASH BRUSHES IN THE SINK. Acrylic paint is plastic. The pigments in many paints are make from plastic. They are contaminating our water for fish and for us, if they are washed down the drain.

More ideas on how to stop using plastic:

  • Use re-usable straws - bamboo, metal, or glass

  • Use re-usable coffee mugs for take-out and please stop buying bottled water.

  • You can buy bamboo items, such as take away cutlery, toothbrushes and more at https://www.thefutureisbamboo.com/

  • Use glass jars and containers for storage

  • Get a water fizzer and make your own fizzy drinks with juices etc.

  • Beeswax sheets are really popular for use to cover food instead of plastic wrap

  • I found an all-natural alternative to baking

  • Stop using wax-paper unless it is make with actual wax. Most of it these days is made from plastic. The wax paper in cereal boxes is almost all plastic.

  • Use a re-usable grocery bag and produce bags or recycle old ones. Don't buy produce in already wrapped in plastic if at all possible. Wrapping produce in plastic is just dumb to me.

  • Frozen dinners - more plastic

  • Use matches instead of plastic lighters

  • Use rags or dishclothes instead of plastic handled brushes and sponges made with plastic

  • I use cloth napkins again instead of paper towels, but when I do use paper towels, if they aren't too soiled and throw them in a bin and re-use them for quick clean-ups then put them in the compost bin.

  • If you wanna give it a try, you can make your own face cream, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and laundry detergent and cleaners. There are some recipes here https://www.thealternativedaily.com/stop-using-these-plastic-things/

  • I use Tru Earth laundry strips, they are awesome. They have more cleaning ideas on their website https://www.tru.earth/35-Easy-Eco-Friendly-Home-Cleaning-Hacks-You-Wish-Youd-Known-Sooner

  • I have found many recipes on-line for making my own mascara and other cosmetics.

  • Support Plastic Oceans

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