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Was art her life?

Nov. 29 2018

Artist Dora Carrington

This is my first blog post. Welcome. I wanted to share a picture of an artist I saw on a television program I watched recently. Her name is Dora Carrington. Her paintings ranged from nudes to pastoral scenes which revealed her emotional state. In all the photographs I have seen of her she looks sad ... Dora Carrington was a British artist who was born in March 1893, leaving this world in March of 1932. Too short a life for such a talented artist. She was virtually unknown for her art during her own lifetime and did not seem to have received much encouragement from her peers to exhibit her work. She did not get the recognition she deserved until the latter half of the 20th century. She lived with a man who was gay until his death and then took her own life. She appeared to have been torn between being an artist and being a wife. Although she said she did not want children, she seemed happiest when she was involved in domestic things while living with the man she loved. Was she a tortured soul? Many women artists seem torn between art and their lives as wives and mothers, including myself. To read more about Dora please go to: 📷

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