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Tips for using less plastic

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Using less plastic will actually help to simplify your life, which will result in

Keep plastic out of our oceans

being a benefit for your health. ... Plastic is not good for the environment or for you. It is a breeding ground for bacteria, it contains a bunch of chemicals that the companies that make it don't like to be transparant about and it creates congestion in our landfills and our life. I believe eating foods wrapped, stored and cooked in plastic may even be the cause of many cancers. So many items we use everyday have small amounts of plastic the we throw in the garbage. We managed quite well before plastic, so why can't we do it again.

Here is my first tip for using less plastic.

1. Remember brooms - before all the cleaning paraphernalia that has taken over we used a broom and a dust pan. So what is wrong with using them again. If you want to clean the floor a bit while sweeping, take a wet rag, attach it to the brush of the broom with clothes pins or whatever and sweep the floor. It works great to pick up dog hair and dirt and then you sweep the rest into the dustpan. No more disposable sheets with plastic strips going into the garbage. And even better, use a good old fashioned wooden handled corn broom. I trimmed my down a bit, wrapped a wet rag around it. When I sweep with it I can clean marks off the floor easy because the stiffness of the brush works as a scrubber. You can still buy them at just about any hardware store and it is easier on your back. Try it. If you really need something quick and disposable use a couple of thick paper towels instead of a rag, spray the floor with a bit of cleaner, then throw the paper towels in the compost instead of the garbage. Brilliant.

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